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Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Fighting Engineering Co., Ltd. has national contracting qualification for fire protection engineering with a registered capital of 50.18 million yuan. The company's key work is devoted to fire engineering construction, and it also develops, produces, and sells fire-fighting gas fire extinguishing equipment such as heptafluoropropane, ultra-fine dry powder, aerosol, and high-pressure pipe fittings. It is a comprehensive integration of fire engineering construction and fire equipment production and sales in northern Jiangsu. enterprise. In 2015, it was awarded the title of Jiangsu Province's Quality and Credit Honest Construction Unit. In 2016, it has obtained 3C certification for gas fire extinguishing equipment, and quality, environment and health certifications.

Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd. was established in 2014. It is an enterprise registered with the industry and commerce department, with independent legal personality, independent operation, independent accounting, and self-financing. The company specializes in fire protection facilities engineering, mechanical and electrical equipment installation engineering, building intelligent engineering, indoor and outdoor decoration engineering, air purification engineering, building waterproof engineering construction; fire engineering special engineering design, building intelligent system engineering design, indoor and outdoor decoration Engineering design (the above projects involve special national examination and approval regulations, and can only be operated after special examination and approval); sales, installation, commissioning, and maintenance of mechanical and electrical equipment, fire protection equipment, intelligent equipment, central air conditioning; monitoring equipment, air purification equipment, Sales, installation and commissioning of decorative materials and plumbing equipment; production and sales of fire protection equipment and fire protection equipment.

The company currently has 2 national-level registered installation engineers, 3 provincial-level installation engineers, 8 engineers with professional titles, 30 intermediate-level professional and technical workers, and more than 100 on-site construction and installation personnel. The company has five departments and one room, namely: Engineering Department, Business Department, Maintenance Department, Production Department, Finance Department, Office.

Company development goals: common prosperity and common happiness!

Company culture: loyal, sincere, meticulous, attentive and enthusiastic!

The company's operating philosophy: build credibility outside, strong strength inside!

Company business purpose: a group of people a lifetime!

Looking forward to the future, Yongtai Firefighting is determined to follow the consistent style of "serving fire safety wholeheartedly" and the corporate spirit of "unity and win-win, integrity and pragmatism, innovation and high efficiency", set the most massive security between heaven and earth, and reach millions of households!