carbon dioxide

carbon dioxide
carbon dioxide


1.1 Equipment Introduction

High-pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing equipment consists of bottle racks, fire extinguishing agent bottle sets, leak detection devices, metal hoses, check valves (fire extinguishing agent pipelines), headers, safety relief devices, selection valves, signal feedback devices, and fire extinguishing agents. It is a kind of intelligent automatic fire extinguishing equipment, which is composed of conveying pipe, nozzle, driving gas bottle group, electromagnetic driving device, driving pipe, one-way valve (driving gas pipeline) and so on. According to the requirements of different application places, it can be composed of unit independent system and combined distribution system. It adopts full submerged fire extinguishing method to achieve fire protection for single protection zone and multiple protection zones. It has advanced technology, high efficiency and easy maintenance. The device has three starting modes: automatic, manual and mechanical emergency operation.

1.2 Application

This equipment is mainly suitable for the following fires:

5) A gas fire that can cut off the gas source before extinguishing the fire;

6) Liquid fire or meltable solid fire such as paraffin and asphalt;

7) Fires on solid surfaces and deep solid fires on cotton, fabrics, paper, etc.

8) Electrical fire;

Typical references:

It is mainly suitable for fire protection in key places such as computer room, data storage room, book storeroom, bank vault, valuables storehouse, paper storehouse, cotton storehouse, food storehouse, Chinese herbal medicine storehouse, fur storehouse and cable tunnel. It can also be used for production. Operation fire danger places, such as dipping tanks, melting tanks, rolling machines, textile machines, generators, printing machines, oil-immersed transformers, oil switches, large generators, hydraulic equipment, drying equipment, dry cleaning equipment, dust removal equipment, cooking Stoves, paint production lines, electrical aging rooms, pulverized coal warehouses in cement production processes, as well as ship engine rooms and cargo holds.

1.3 Fire extinguishing agent

Carbon dioxide (CO2) is a kind of fire extinguishing agent mainly used for physical suffocation and supplemented by cooling. It has a wide range of sources, low cost, colorless, odorless, non-conductive, does not pollute the protected object, and will not cause damage to property and precision facilities. Therefore, it is widely used in modern fire protection engineering and has now become one of the main media for gas fire fighting .

1.4 Safety warning

1) Carbon dioxide is extinguished by suffocation and cooling. If it is used in a place where people work, the equipment should be delayed during spraying to ensure that personnel are withdrawn within the delay time;

2) The user unit should set obvious warning signs in the following locations, and the terms of the signs are suggested as follows:

a) Notice board in the protective zone: Warning! Upon hearing the alarm bell on site, personnel should withdraw immediately;

b) At the emergency start button: Warning! Make sure there are no people in the protective area during emergency startup.

3) In addition to the above warnings, other security measures should comply with the relevant regulations in force in China.

2.Main technical parameters

The main technical parameters of high-pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing equipment are shown in the table below.

Product model specifications QME (volume of fire extinguishing agent bottle group) -YT

Volume of extinguishing agent bottle group (L) 70

Storage pressure of fire extinguishing agent 5.7MPa (20 ℃)

Large working pressure 12.4MPa (50 ℃)

Filling density of fire extinguishing agent ≤ 0.60 kg / L

Working start power DC24V.1.5A

Fire-fighting technology

Fire extinguishing agent spray time ≤ 60 S

Automatic, manual, mechanical emergency operation

Driving gas nitrogen

Filling pressure of driving gas 6MPa (20 ℃)

Operating ambient temperature: 0 ℃ ~ 50 ℃


1. Model of high pressure carbon dioxide fire extinguishing equipment: such as QME70-YT.

QM——gas fire extinguishing system;

E——fire extinguishing agent type is carbon dioxide;

70——The volume of the extinguishing agent bottle group is 70L.


1) Fire extinguishing equipment should be lightly loaded and unloaded during transportation, and collision, lying or upside down is strictly prohibited.

2) The fire extinguishing agent bottle group and the driving gas bottle group shall be kept away from the heat source and the direct sunlight. The ambient temperature for transportation and storage shall be 0 ~ 50 ℃, and shall be kept dry and well ventilated.

3) During the disassembly process, avoid touching the surface of the device and affecting the appearance.

4) Irrelevant personnel are prohibited from touching the parts of the device to avoid accidents.

5) Equipment installation and commissioning personnel should be familiar with the basic structure, working principle, performance and action procedures of this equipment, as well as the basic structure and working status of each component.

6) Daily maintenance and maintenance should strictly follow the operating procedures to prevent accidental spraying of fire extinguishing agents.

7) The air in the protective area should not contain harmful substances that are flammable, conductive dust, and corrosive components, or they must be protected, and the system must not be subject to vibration and shock.

8) Before the equipment sprays the fire extinguishing agent, all personnel must evacuate the fire scene during the delay period (adjustable 0-30S). After the fire extinguishing, the fan must be started first and the exhaust gas can be discharged before the personnel can enter the scene.

9) Other security measures should follow relevant Chinese regulations.