Hanging superfine dry powder

Hanging superfine dry powder
Hanging superfine dry powder

(1) Product type: dry powder automatic fire extinguishing device;

(2) Weight of fire extinguishing agent kg: 2, 3, 5, 8;

(3) Type of fire extinguishing agent: ABC superfine dry powder fire extinguishing agent;

(4) Starting method: direct injection temperature control, direct injection electrical control, side injection temperature control, side injection electrical control, dual injection temperature control, dual injection electrical control, temperature sensing element;

(5) Shape: lantern-shaped, cylindrical;

(6) Specifications: FZX-ACT2 / 1.2-YT, FZX-ACT3 / 1.2-YT, FZX-ACT5 / 1.2-YT, FZX-ACT8 / 1.2-YT.

(7) Fire extinguishing principle: due to the small particle size of the filled fire extinguishing agent, good fluidity, good re-ignition resistance, dispersion and electrical insulation, the fire extinguishing mechanism is mainly based on chemical fire extinguishing, and chemical and physical double fire extinguishing Function to extinguish the flame: Physically realize the isolation of the protected object from the air, block the oxygen needed for re-combustion, and physically prevent re-ignition; chemically, the ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing agent powder released by the automatic fire extinguishing device passes through the Combustion materials come into contact with the flame and produce a chemical reaction to quickly capture the combustion radicals and heat, thereby cutting off the combustion chain and extinguishing the flame. A large number of glassy substances produced by the reaction of the fire extinguishing agent and the flame adsorb on the surface of the protected object to form a layer of insulation. ; Therefore, it can be used for both full-submersion fire suppression in relatively closed spaces and local protection fire protection in open places.

(8) Product introduction: "Ushen" brand pressure-suspended superfine dry powder fire extinguishing device has the following advantages: the volume of the cylinder is determined according to the proportion of air and powder to ensure efficient fire extinguishing; easy installation, and the fire extinguishing device is fixed to protect Just above the object;

The appearance design is beautiful, and the use is safe and reliable. The fire extinguishing agent sprayed by the fire extinguishing device has a small particle size and good fluidity, and can be suspended in the air for a certain period of time. Therefore, the function can be applied to completely submerged fire in a relatively closed space, and it can also be used for local protection in open places. Extinguishing;