IG-541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system

IG-541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system
IG-541 mixed gas fire extinguishing system

1.1 System Introduction

IG541 automatic fire extinguishing system consists of bottle racks, fire extinguishing agent storage bottles, container valves, high pressure hoses, check valves, headers, safety valves, manifolds, selection valves, pressure signals, fire extinguishing agent delivery pipes, and pressure reducing devices. , Nozzle, starter bottle, driver, starter pipe, starter gas check valve, etc., is an intelligent automatic fire suppression system. According to the requirements of different application places, it can be composed of unit independent system and combined distribution system. It adopts full submerged fire extinguishing method to achieve fire protection for single protection zone and multiple protection zones. It has advanced technology, high efficiency and easy maintenance. The system has three start modes: automatic, manual and mechanical emergency operation.

1.2 Application

This system is mainly applicable to the following fires:

1) Fire on solid surface;

2) Liquid fire;

3) A gas fire that can cut off the gas source before extinguishing the fire;

4) Electrical fire;

Fire engineering construction references:

Mainly suitable for computer room, communication room, control room, valuable equipment room, cultural relics collection library, library and archives, data storage room, generator room, oil-immersed transformer room, transformer room, circuit breaker, cycle equipment, Fire protection for places or equipment such as hydraulic equipment, drying equipment, dust removal equipment, and paint spraying production lines.

1.3 Fire extinguishing agent

IG541 is a mixed gas (mixed volume ratio: N252%, Ar 40%, CO28%) composed of three gases of N2, Ar, and CO2. It is a natural gas fire extinguishing system. system.

1.4 Safety warning

1) IG-541 is used in a place where people work, and the system requires a delay when spraying to ensure that personnel are withdrawn within the delay time;

2) The user unit should set obvious warning signs in the following locations, and the terms of the signs are suggested as follows:

a) Notice board in the protective zone: Warning! Upon hearing the alarm bell on site, personnel should withdraw immediately;

b) At the emergency start button: Warning! When the machine starts in an emergency, make sure that there are no people in the protective area.

3) In addition to the above warnings, other security measures should comply with the relevant regulations in force in China.