Suspended heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing system

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Suspended heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing equipment is a type of pipeless gas fire extinguishing equipment (also known as a prefabricated fire extinguishing system). It is based on certain operating conditions. The fire extinguishing agent storage equipment and spray components are pre-planned, assembled and equipped with linkage control Functional fire extinguishing system. Suspended heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing equipment is divided into two types: electromagnetic suspension type and constant temperature suspension type. The electromagnetic type consists of a storage tank for the fire extinguishing agent, an electromagnetic drive part, a nozzle, a pressure display part, and a signal feedback part. The body and the thermosensor are composed of nozzles.

Compared with cabinet-type and pipe network heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing equipment, the hanging type has a short production cycle, low production cost, simple planning, equipment, operation and maintenance, so it is widely used in protective areas with small volume or insufficient internal grassroots space. This article makes a comprehensive introduction to the structure of suspended sevoflurane fire extinguishing equipment in the form of pictures and texts.

I. Electromagnetic hanging heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing equipment

The electromagnetic suspension is mainly composed of: fire extinguishing agent storage container, equipment hanger, connection receiver, nozzle, pressure switch, and solenoid valve

1.Fire container storage container

Refillable red epoxy painted steel welded container. It consists of upper and lower heads, valve seats, bracket assembly weldments, and feet. It is used to store heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing agent, and has functions such as storage, release, filling, and overpressure relief.

Container valve

It consists of electromagnetic electricity, valve body, pressure gauge, and outlet connector number. After connecting the valve seat, the device is placed on the bottle mouth of the storage container, tightly seals the medicine, and is transported by electromagnetic electricity to pierce the safety membrane and release the medicine.

3. Connect and receive

It consists of high-pressure seamless steel pipe, high-pressure elbow, high-pressure straight-through, and pressure switch seat. It is used to transport the fire extinguishing agent released from the storage equipment between the nozzles of the container valve.

4.Information feedback equipment

It is composed of valve body, rubber ring, piston, switch seat, micro switch, valve cover, signal lead, etc. The device is connected to the pressure switch seat, which is used to feed back the signal to the fire extinguisher after the fire extinguishing agent is released. The fire-extinguishing manipulator lights up the discharge door light and sends a linkage signal.

5, nozzle

The structure is optimized to spray the sevoflurane fire extinguishing agent with sufficient atomization and spray. The material is copper alloy. The equipment is at the end of the fire extinguishing equipment connection and is used to spray the fire extinguishing agent uniformly according to the planning requirements. The standard is selected based on the calculation of the orifice area according to the spraying time.

The electromagnetic suspension type heptafluoropropane automatic fire extinguishing equipment can be linked with fire detection systems such as smoke detectors, temperature detectors, sound and light alarms, and alarm bells. Multiple fire extinguishing equipment can be placed in the same maintenance area without occupying too much space .