Product Features of Superfine Dry Powder Fire Extinguishing System

Edit:Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-09

Ordinary dry powder fire extinguishing agents are mainly composed of active fire extinguishing components, hydrophobic components, and inert fillers. The hydrophobic components mainly include silicone oil and hydrophobic white carbon black. There are many types of inert fillers, which mainly prevent vibration and agglomeration, improve the performance of dry powder, and catalyze dry powder. Silicone oil polymerization and improved compatibility with foam extinguishing agents. This type of ordinary dry powder fire extinguishing agent has been widely used at home and abroad.

The fire extinguishing component is the core of the dry powder fire extinguishing agent. The materials that can play the role of fire extinguishing are: K2CO3, KHCO3, NaCl, KCl, (NH4) 2SO4, NH4HSO4, NaHCO3, K4Fe (CN) 6.3H2O, Na2CO3, etc.

At present, domestic ultra-fine dry powder fire extinguishing device system products include: ammonium phosphate, sodium bicarbonate, sodium chloride, potassium chloride dry powder fire extinguishing agent.

Each kind of fire extinguishing particle has an upper critical particle size. All particles smaller than the critical particle size have a fire extinguishing effect. Particles larger than the critical particle size have a sharp decrease in fire extinguishing efficiency, but their momentum is large, and aerodynamic pulling force is generated on small particles by air. Force small particles to follow, and pounce on the center of the flame, instead of being blown away by hot air before reaching the flame, reducing the efficiency of fire suppression. The particle size of commonly used dry powder fire extinguishing agents is between 10 and 75 μm. Such particles have poor dispersion and relatively small specific surface area.

Therefore, the quantitative specific dry powder has a small total specific surface area, a large mass of individual particles, a fast sedimentation rate, and a slow decomposition rate when heated, resulting in a small ability to capture free radicals, so the fire extinguishing ability is limited, and it is limited to a certain extent Use range of dry powder fire extinguishing agent. The particle size of the dry powder extinguishing agent is directly related to its fire extinguishing efficiency. The larger the critical particle size of the fire extinguishing component, the better the fire extinguishing effect. Therefore, preparing ultra-fine fire extinguishing powder that can be evenly dispersed and suspended in the fire space to ensure the particle activity of the fire extinguishing components and reduce the amount of fire extinguishing agent used per unit space is a very effective means to improve the fire extinguishing efficiency of dry powder fire extinguishing agent.