Filled with sevoflurane

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Filled with sevoflurane

Factory direct sales of heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing equipment, professional heptafluoropropane medicament filling and maintenance! Professionally undertake all kinds of fire protection projects, provide free design solutions and budgets for heptafluoropropane, one-stop service from equipment, installation, commissioning, maintenance and so on! Where there is a need for our cooperation and service, please contact us anytime!

Heptafluoropropane medicament filling, heptafluoropropane medicament filling; Ruitailai Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (sevoflurane gas extinguishing).

Yongtai Fire Equipment Co., Ltd. (Heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing)

The advantages of my products are the advantages of our products:

1. Good air tightness and good leakproofness;

2. Beautiful appearance, fashionable design and innovation;

3. High movement stability, safety and reliability;

4. Easy and efficient installation.

Product features are fire extinguishing characteristics

1.High fire extinguishing efficiency;

2, clean and environmentally friendly with good cleanliness, completely vaporized in the atmosphere without leaving any residue;

3. Filling of heptafluoropropane medicament, filling of heptafluoropropane medicament; Ruitailai Fire Fighting Equipment Co., Ltd. (sevoflurane gas extinguishing).

4. Good electrical insulation;

5. It is suitable for places where people work, and it is basically harmless to the human body.