Do you know about sevoflurane gas fire fighting?

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Do you know about sevoflurane gas fire fighting ?

When it comes to oxygen, I think many people are familiar with it, but when it comes to sevoflurane, I think many people know but may not know it.

"Heptafluoropropane" HFC-227EA is a clean gas fire extinguishing agent mainly based on chemical fire extinguishing and physical fire extinguishing; it is colorless, odorless, low toxicity, non-conductive, does not pollute the protected object, and will not damage property and precision Damage caused by facilities; can reliably extinguish Class B and C fires and electrical fires with low fire extinguishing concentration; small storage space, high critical temperature, low critical pressure, liquefiable storage at normal temperature; no particles or oil after release The residue has no destructive effect on the atmospheric ozone layer (ODP value is zero), and the residence time in the atmosphere is 31 to 42 years, which meets environmental protection requirements.

Since heptafluoropropane does not contain chlorine or bromine and does not damage the atmospheric ozone layer, it has been used to replace halon 1301 and halon 1211, which are harmful to the environment, as raw materials for fire extinguishing agents. The life cycle of sevoflurane in the atmosphere is about 31 to 42 years, and it will not leave residues or oil stains after release. It can also be discharged through normal exhaust channels, so it is suitable as a data center or server storage center. Fire extinguishing agent. Usually in these places, a canister containing compressed sevoflurane is installed on the top of the floor. When a fire occurs, sevoflurane is discharged from the gas outlet of the canister to quickly remove the oxygen from the fire place and cool the fire place to achieve The purpose of fire fighting.