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Where a gas fire extinguishing system is required, the gas fire extinguishing designer needs to know

Edit:Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

Gas fire extinguishing systems are suitable for the following fires:

Electrical fire

2. Fire on solid surface;

3. Liquid fire;

4. Gas fire that can cut off the gas source before extinguishing the fire.

So where do you need to set up a gas fire extinguishing system, this article lists some of the major regulations that require the setting of a gas fire extinguishing system, for reference by the gas fire extinguishing designer.

1. "Code for Fire Protection of Building Design" GB50016-2014

8.3.9 The following places should be equipped with automatic fire extinguishing systems, and gas fire extinguishing systems should be used:

1. Microwave room, decimeter wave room, meter wave room, transformer room and uninterruptible power supply (UPS) room in the radio and television transmission towers of cities in China, provinces or populations exceeding 1 million.

2. Long-distance program-controlled exchange rooms, control rooms, and signaling transfer point rooms in the International Telecommunications Bureau, regional centers, provincial centers, and regional centers with more than 10,000 roads;

3. Program-controlled exchange room, control room, and signaling transfer point room in the local telephone exchange office with more than 20,000 lines and the local office with more than 60,000 lines;

4. Communication room and control room in central and provincial level public security, disaster prevention and network bureau level and above power dispatching command centers;

5. Recorded magnetic (paper) media library in the main room and basic work room of the A and B electronic information system room;

6. Central and provincial radio and television centers with a building area of not less than 120 square meters of audiovisual products warehouses;

7. Special collections in libraries in China, provinces or libraries with more than 1 million books; collections and non-paper archives in central and provincial archives; treasure houses in large and medium-sized museums; Showroom of paper and silk artefacts;

8. Other special important equipment rooms.

2. "Code for Fire Protection Design of Civil Air Defense Engineering" GB50098-2009

7.2.4 Gas fire extinguishing system or water mist fire extinguishing system shall be set up at the following locations:

1. Special collection warehouses such as books, materials and archives;

2. Important communication room and computer room;

3. Transformer room and other special important equipment rooms.

3. "Code for Design of Information System Room" GB50174-2008

13.1.2 The main computer room of the Class A electronic information system computer room shall be provided with a clean gas fire extinguishing system. The main engine room of the B-level electronic information system room, as well as the substation, uninterruptible power supply system and battery room in the A- and B-level computer rooms, should be equipped with clean gas fire extinguishing systems, and high pressure water mist fire extinguishing systems can also be installed.

4. Architectural Design Code JGJ25-2010

6.0.6 An outdoor fire water supply system should be set up in the museum area. Inert gas fire extinguishing systems shall be installed in special collections, non-paper archives, and server rooms in special and first-class archives. Other archive warehouses, archive business rooms and technical rooms in super and Class A archives, and clean archive fire extinguishing systems or fine water mist fire extinguishing systems can be used in archive warehouses in Class B archives.

5. "Building Design Code for General Hospitals" GB51039-2014

6.7.3 The hospital's valuable equipment rooms, medical records rooms and information center (network) computer rooms shall be equipped with gas fire extinguishing devices.

6. "Code for Fire Protection of Railway Engineering Design" TB10063-2007

7.3.2 The following spaces with electronic equipment shall be provided with gas fire extinguishing systems:

1. Various mechanical rooms of the communication hub;

2. Communication machinery room and signal machinery room of passenger and freight common railway section stations and above;

3. Communication machinery room, signal machinery room and section relay station of passenger dedicated railway station;

4. Dispatching center (station) equipment room;

5. The main engine room, network transmission room, operation room, and media library of the information technology center (including driving, dispatching, and ticketing);

6. Passenger service system equipment room of passenger dedicated railway passenger stations and passenger and freight railways of medium and above passenger stations;

7. Vehicle safety precaution early warning system machine room and electric railway traction power remote control system control station machine room, traction substation main control room;

Control room of 8.10kV and above transformer and distribution station.