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Comparison of heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing system and IG541 fire extinguishing system

Edit:Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-06

Main advantages of heptafluoropropane gas fire extinguishing system

① Heptafluoropropane medicament sprayed at a certain concentration will not cause adverse effects on the human body, and can be used in places where people often move.

② Heptafluoropropane system has a low fire extinguishing concentration, requires fewer storage bottles, and has a small footprint.

③ Under the condition that there is no cylinder room in the independent protection zone or the protection zone with a pipe network is not suitable, a cabinet-type sevoflurane system can be used, which has high flexibility.

④ Heptafluoropropane medicament has extremely strong chemical stability, and it is effective for a long time when it is not exposed to the environment other than the cylinder. If the cylinder does not leak or release, no additional medicament is needed.

The main disadvantages of heptafluoropropane fire suppression systems

① Due to system pressure limitation, the pipeline network transportation distance is limited. In general, the pipe length from the 2.5Mpa system cylinder to the end nozzle should be within 30m; the pipe length from the 4.2Mpa system cylinder to the end nozzle should be within 45m; the pipe length from the 5.6Mpa system cylinder to the end nozzle should be within 60m . When the protection zone is distributed, the sevoflurane system requires multiple systems to meet the protection requirements.

② Heptafluoropropane medicament will decompose and produce hydrofluoric acid at a temperature higher than 550 degrees, which is corrosive to the equipment and extremely irritating to the human respiratory tract.

③ Heptafluoropropane medicament exists in a mixed form of gas and liquid when it is released. In the case of obstacles, it cannot reach a uniform fire extinguishing concentration in a short time, which will affect the fire extinguishing effect.

④ Because heptafluoropropane is expensive, once the system is discharged, the cost of secondary filling is large.

What is IG541 fire extinguishing system?

IG541 is an inert gas fire extinguishing agent mixed with 52% nitrogen, 40% argon and 8% carbon dioxide. It will not cause any chemical reaction during fire extinguishing, does not pollute the environment, is non-toxic and non-corrosive. Good electrical insulation performance, clean fire extinguishing process, leaving no trace after fire extinguishing will not cause harm to the protected equipment.

Main advantages of IG541 fire suppression system

①Due to the high storage pressure of the IG541 system, the conveying distance is relatively long, and the distance from the cylinder to the nozzle can reach more than 150m. In the system adopting a combined distribution method, more protection areas can be connected, and the investment of the gas fire extinguishing system can be saved.

② The density of IG541 mixed gas is close to that of air, and the pressure is higher when the end nozzle is released, so it can quickly diffuse and mix with air after spraying, and quickly reduce the oxygen concentration to extinguish the fire.

③ IG541 is stored in a gaseous manner and sprayed in a gaseous manner. When sprayed, it will not cause a sharp drop in temperature in the protected area, and will not cause any damage to precision equipment and other precious property.

④ Because the gas used by the IG541 system is an inert gas, its price is low, so the cost of secondary filling after the system is released is very low.

The main disadvantages of IG541 fire suppression system

① The release pressure of the nozzles at the end of the IG541 system is generally about 2Mpa. When spraying and discharging, a certain noise and high-speed airflow will produce dust and light objects flying, affecting the hearing and vision of personnel.

② Due to the high storage pressure of the IG541 system, the pressure levels of its storage container and release pipeline are relatively high, resulting in a higher system cost.

③ The IG541 system is designed with a high concentration, so the number of storage bottles required to protect the same volume of protection area is large, and the space between the cylinders to be used is relatively large.