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Fire engineering construction steps

Edit:Jiangsu Yongtai Fire Engineering Co., Ltd.UpDate:2019-12-26

Fire engineering construction steps

One. Preparation of project team before construction

1. The project department understands the project overview and the drawing review, reviews the better construction plan, and determines our construction period, schedule and employment plan according to the civil engineering plan;

2. Specify the material plan, provide the actual site usage plan reasonably according to the project progress and construction drawings, and copy it to the procurement department;

3. The project supervisor contacts the construction and supervision unit to handle all start-up procedures (submit qualification, organizational design, start-up report, etc.);

4. Organize construction personnel to enter the site for safety education and technical disclosure.

Construction process

Fire water system

2. Automatic fire alarm system

3. Self-inspection by Engineering Department

Fire water system

Test items: fire pumps, pump couplers, outdoor fire hydrants, water distribution network, pressure, main equipment, fire pools, fire water tanks, pneumatic water supply devices, alarm valve groups, hydraulic alarm bells, water flow indication, sprinkler, system linkage test

2. Automatic fire alarm system

Testing items: piping, system wiring, detector installation, manual alarm button, fire alarm controller, floor display, fire control room, system linkage test, etc. The above two items need to pass the self-test.

Four. Declaration inspection

1. Inspection company inspection 2. Inspection pass 3. Declaration by fire department for acceptance 4. Pass inspection

Fives. Acceptance

1. Conduct system operation training for users Signed by trainees

2.Transfer relevant engineering materials, prepare final accounts, and cooperate with the Finance Department to do a good job of project fund recovery

3. Establish engineering after-sales service files to track users.