Suspension heptafluoropropane device (electromagnetic)

Suspension heptafluoropropane device (electromagnetic)
Suspension heptafluoropropane device (electromagnetic)

Suspended Heptafluoropropane Device (Electromagnetic) Type Overview:

Suspended heptafluoropropane device (electromagnetic) type is composed of fire extinguishing agent storage container, container valve, nozzle, electromagnetic drive device, signal feedback device, hanging bracket, etc. It is not necessary to install fire extinguishing agent delivery pipeline and does not need to set up a special bottle storage room. Adopting hanging installation, when a fire occurs, the fire extinguishing agent is directly sprayed into the protective area, and the fire extinguishing speed is faster and more efficient. .

Second, the principle of fire extinguishing:

When a fire occurs in the protective area, the fire detector operates, and the gas fire extinguishing controller confirms the fire alarm and outputs a start signal, so that the fire extinguishing device starts to release the fire extinguishing agent, or after the fire alarm is confirmed by a person, the manual start button is pressed to make the solenoid valve act. Valve i door] open fire extinguishing agent to extinguish the fire.


Computer room, data processing center, process control center, expensive medical facilities, expensive industrial equipment, transformer substation, communication center, etc. A protection area for protecting a small space can be set separately, or a plurality of protection areas for protecting a larger space can be used in combination.