Hanging heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device

Hanging heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device
Hanging heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device

Suspended heptafluoropropane fire extinguishing device, gas fire extinguisher, fire detector, sound and light alarm, deflation indicator, emergency start and stop button, peripheral power supply

Fire extinguishing system;


1. The gas fire extinguishing controller is used to collect the signals detected by the detection elements to start the solenoid valve. The action is stable, reliable and sensitive.

2. Environmental protection and safety, no harm to human body and precision equipment and other precious property.

3. Accurate and reliable work, short spray time and rapid fire extinguishing

4. Simple construction and installation, low engineering investment, and does not occupy the area of the protective area;

5. According to the special conditions of the place of use, a variety of choices can be made for the detection element.

Use range:

1. It is used to extinguish various types of fires A, B, and C. It can be used safely and effectively in unmanned or manned places

2.Suitable for places where no traces are left after leaving the fire extinguishing agent or it is difficult to clean the residue

3.Suitable for places containing valuables, priceless treasures, precious files, software and hardware

4. Particularly suitable for: fire protection of small protective areas such as communication base stations, computer rooms, power distribution rooms, etc.

5. It is not suitable for deep fires of Class D active metals and compounds containing oxidants, self-decomposable compounds and combustible solid substances.