Pressure relief port

Pressure relief port
Pressure relief port

The pressure relief port in the protection zone of a gas fire extinguishing system refers to a device that automatically opens the pressure relief when the pressure value in the protection zone reaches a specified value when the fire extinguishing agent in the gas fire extinguishing system is discharged, referred to as a pressure relief port, also known as an automatic pressure relief device , Is a necessary equipment supporting the gas fire extinguishing system. It is usually installed on the pressure relief hole of the outer wall or inner wall of the protection area of the gas fire extinguishing system. (Hereinafter referred to as the pressure relief port)

The main components:

Box, shutters, mounting accessories

working principle:

When the pressure in the protective zone reaches the opening value (1100Pa ± 50Pa) when the fire extinguishing agent is sprayed, the air pressure pushes the door panel and overcomes the magnet attraction, and turns to open under the action of the hinge.


Simple installation, beautiful after installation, can be used in the wall thickness greater than 130mm, but it is not easy to install when the external wall is not convenient to operate.

Product advantages:

All connecting parts are made of stainless steel. Custom hinges (the hinge is made of zinc alloy, and the connecting shaft is made of stainless steel). The surface is spray-treated to prevent rust. 100% of the factory products are tested for opening pressure.

Non-standard order:

Non-standard customization can be achieved within the opening size (300 * 300 ~ 725 * 725) and pressure relief area (0.05㎡ ~ 0.45㎡).

Installation specifications:

According to GB50370-2005 "Design Specification for Gas Fire Extinguishing System", the pressure relief port should be set on the external wall. That is to say, it should be installed on the outer wall first. If there are problems in the installation, you can choose to install it on the inner wall of the corridor. During the installation process, you must handle it gently to avoid the structural and performance damage caused by the deformation of the automatic pressure relief device. normal work.

It is recommended that the installation height along the bottom edge of the pressure relief port of the protective zone of various types of gas fire extinguishing systems should be above the net clearance of the protective zone by more than 2/3. (During the spraying process of the gas fire extinguishing system, the proportion of fire extinguishing gas on the ground in the protective zone is large and the fire extinguishing concentration is also large, which is conducive to quickly extinguishing the fire. As the height of the fire extinguishing gas increases from the ground, the proportion of the fire extinguishing gas decreases, and the top of the protective zone is large. Most of the accumulation is the air in the compressed protection zone. If the pressure relief port is set to 2/3 of the clear height of the protection zone, most of the overpressure gas released from the pressure relief port will be compressed air, which reduces the fire extinguishing gas. The loss of the structure not only ensures that the protective structure of the protective area is not damaged, but also ensures that the fire is quickly extinguished.)